Tips for Meeting Celebrities

I’ve met quite a few famous people and I know exactly how you feel when you see a celebrity.  It’s as if you just want to scream and let it all out, but that’ll make them feel uncomfortable.  Here are my tips on meeting celebrities:

1.)  Do not scream – you have to remember that they are just normal people too, you’d hate it if someone came up to you screaming

2.) Don’t mob them – If you’re in a group and there are lots of other fans there, don’t all run over as soon as they come out, stay in a line and that way they’re more likely to stop, if you mob it’s too dangerous for them to stop so security will usher them away

3.) Speak to them – Just ask general questions, wish them well, it’s a much better memory to have

4.)  Don’t shove your phone in their face – Instead, speak to them, have a conversation and ask them for a picture, most celebrities say yes to a picture anyway

5.) Don’t be disheartened if they say they don’t want a picture – We all have bad days, perhaps they don’t want to be pictured, besides you’d rather a memory of a conversation anyway

6.) Don’t be angry if they don’t stop – Always remember they have very busy lives and they could be in a rush and not have time to stop to talk to you, sometimes that’s how it is

7.) Always thank them – If they stopped to speak to you or take a picture say thank-you, it’s very polite and shows that you appreciate it

8.) If you know they’re rushing, have your stuff ready to be signed – This saves everybody time and it will make it easier for them so they’ll be more likely to sign it

9.) Plan what you will say – Sometimes I get nervous and forget to say things and then after I keep thinking about it wishing I said something else, instead, plan what you intend to say

10.)  Do your research – Look into that particular celebrities schedule, see if they have interviews arranged and if they have to be somewhere, that way you can ensure that you won’t clash with their schedule

11.) Remember to have fun!! – You’re there for a good time and celebrities want to see happy faces! Keep smiling.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Here are a few pictures of me with my favorite band – The Vamps.

All the love,

Jess x




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