Foreign adventures

I don’t know about you but I get bored VERY easily.  I always prefer to be speaking to people or going out, I know, typical teenager right?

I recently just got back from a sailing holiday in Mallorca and it was very active … I absolutely love travelling and I had the best time.  I’m going to talk about some of my experiences (skipping out all the embarrassing ones)

Mallorca 5

I feel as though it’s obligatory to take a really original silhouette beach picture, it’s not like anyone has taken them before, right?  Here’s mine and of course I’m the tall one who is living high up in a whole different weather system, not heard that one before.


We’re fortunate enough to have a boat in Mallorca and we visited the most beautiful coves I’ve ever seen. The water was incredibly clear and you could see all the tropical fish, which although was pretty, was also gross seeing as I hate fish and would rather not swim with some ugly slimy wildlife. Gross.  Nevertheless, gorgeous cove!!!  I’m so lucky to have been able to see it seeing as it’s only accessible by boat.


I’d like to point out that a fish touched my foot and I was not in the slightest bit impressed, this led to me aborting the whole swimming thing and opting for a lilo – much safer.  It may not seem so but … Fun fact- I’m slowly breaking my fear of the sea!!


I spent the week living life pretending to be a millionaire, which I can assure you is far from the truth. Sun seeking on a yacht in the med crashing through waves.  I tend to live in the moment and this holiday was definitely one hell of a moment.  I had the most amazing time and it’s something I’ll always remember.


Mallorca 2

In Mallorca I also seized the opportunity and went to a nightclub. I had a brill night and I made some friends from Sweden – so thankful that everyone speaks English although I should probably work on my Spanish seeing as French isn’t so helpful in Spain, who knew!? However, a nightclub was probably not the best place to go seeing as it was 30 degrees outside meaning inside it was comparable to an oven.

Mallorca 3

I loved speaking to new people and I had an ace experience. Everyone was so friendly and easy to talk to. I’m can’t wait to go back, now I just need to work and save money and stop spending it all on concert tickets!

Thanks for reading.

All the love, Jess x



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