Is social media impacting our perception of beauty?

Beauty has become one of the biggest topics in today’s society.  Day in, day out I see people striving to look like the beautiful models we see in ads, magazines and on social media and this all stems down to the picture the media has created of beauty. Of course the media detracts from the ordinary people of an average size, shape and colour.

Happiness of natural beautiful girls

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to have an eating disorder, and that for many people is a terrifying thought. Photos portrayed of models have undoubtedly been edited, yet many people who view them believe this is how they’re supposed to look. For girls, in particular, it’s expected to have the smallest waist, perkiest bum and bust, perfect hair, the nicest teeth and many others. Yet we all know this is impossible. It’s notable that cosmetic surgery rates have increased by nearly 20% since 2008 and 1 in 5 people would consider cosmetic surgery.

Particularly for girls they believe that being thin will allow them to be accepted and that it will make them happy. But that’s not how it works. It leads to a never ending spiral of self destruction, when they should really be building themselves up.

I can even talk from my own experience and I know I’m not a large size, yet I’ve been told that I’m fat. But I’m a size 8/10.

Seeing other peoples pictures online can be extremely detrimental. It opens a channel whereby you allow yourself to compare yourself to others and this creates a sense of dissatisfaction as you don’t look the same. This then triggers a feeling of believing that you’re not enough and struggling to find your own self worth. But it’s important to remember that everybody has different genes and we are all built differently.

There’s a lovely hashtag on twitter #bodyposi that many different people use and it’s really heart warming to see so many people loving themselves. I’d recommend for you to check it out.

I am mostly happy within my own body and I try my very best to love myself. I’m 5’10 and all legs and I work it to my very best.

Thanks for reading.

All the love Jess x


2 thoughts on “Is social media impacting our perception of beauty?

  1. When I was growing up, there wasn’t much social media, so I wasn’t too pressured. That being said, I was always thin and never really thought about my weight. I’m slightly self conscious overall, yes, but who isn’t a little?
    But I have a neighbour who’s going into high school next month. She’s grown up in the social media years and apparently really struggles with her perception of weight, even though she’s thin too and very athletic. I feel bad for her and do my best to stay body positive around her as I know she looks up to me a little.
    I do feel though that my perception of beauty in the face has changed with social media. Makeup is so popular now and if you don’t have a good contour you basically have nothing. I don’t wear much make up. I don’t care for it and sometimes I wonder if my aversion is weird. It just seems to be all anyone cares about online.


    1. I don’t wear so much make up either, I’m lucky enough to have not suffered terribly with spots and acne but people have still told me that I should ‘add a bit of blush here’ and ‘apply more eyeliner there’ but I’ve never felt the impulse. I do wear makeup everyday but it’s not too eccentric. I’ve also been watching the olympics recently with my family and one athlete in particular my family believed was extremely thin whereas I thought that it was normal and it got me thinking. The media tells the youth how they should look and it’s so upsetting to see gorgeous young people believing that they’re not enough.


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