Why I wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump



It absolutely baffles me as to why Donald Trump is even a top candidate. Let alone why he was even nominated in the first place. The danger that clouds around him is simply impossible to ignore seeing as it’s a known fact that his ways are often compared to that of Hitler’s.  For me I believe he’s so unsuited for the role for much more deeper reasons than simply his similarities with Hitler but also as a result of his illegitimacy.

It’s argued that people would prefer for Hillary Clinton not to be in power so I must note that by no means do I believe that Hillary Clinton is the ultimate ideal leader however Donald Trump is simply a disgraceful alternative. Hillary is ultimately the ‘lesser of two evils’. Nevertheless this is why given the chance I wouldn’t vote Trump.

Donald Trump is far from suited for the role of president, his messiness does not go by unnoticed, additionally the idea that he’s unorganized and has no real structure. He simply cannot be put in charge of the world’s leading economy – it would be detrimental to all.  Yet, he’s up there, nominated, is this really what people want?

I’ve read numerous times that he’s not really a conservative and that he only really came to lead the Republican Party as that’s where he saw he could better himself. It’s logical, it makes sense and the proof is there.  I’ve looked into many of his speeches and he often switches his views, his mindset and shifts his policies whenever deems appropriate for him. He kicks against the Republic Party’s views and forms his own. It’s impossible to trust someone who can’t make a decision, something a president is required to do on a daily basis.  He said he would raise taxes for the wealth, then later said he would’t then again said he would – it’s a cycle, which do you believe? It’s near on impossible to make a legitimate guess as he’s not known for sticking to what he’s said.

Immaturity simply defines Trump.  He once said to a woman who asked to be excused from court to breastfeed her daughter “You’re disgusting.”  This persona continues well into presidential debates where he embraced the mob rallies chanting about Clinton “lock her up” – he marked that if he were to become president he would abuse his power to look into a personal prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s situation.  This is no ideal president?  He’s also known to have even said that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter “perhaps [he’d] be dating her”.  I believe that Trump is incredibly offensive and hypocritical and is in no way fit to rule a country. He regular pulls faces during critical debates and only cares about himself, much like a young child, this is reinforced and followed up by his inability to admit when he is wrong; this is heightened by the known concept that Trump also faces difficulty of choosing the right battles. Surely this attitude isn’t acceptable for a president.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump makes a face as he and his wife Melania and members of their family leave the stage at his caucus night rally in Des Moines

Trump is sexist and an extreme misogynist. There’s an ever increasing stack of sexual assault claims being made by women. He’s referred to women as “beautiful pieces of ass” and is stuck in a whole other era whereby he still thinks that women should be house wives – he once said “if I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof.”  Yet he’s not a chauvinist, funny huh?  Yet again, more proof of how backward he would cause America to go. It’s known he also said that he’s certain he could have “nailed Princess Diana”. His running for president is frankly disgusting and shocking, how can this man who degrades women to such a degree even be considered when voting for a president? Absurd. Trump also vocalized his opinion on Clinton on twitter whereby he said that if she “can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”.  This, coming from a man who has a chance at becoming president, who is supposed to lead a country to success, being this petty … Utterly ridiculous.

One that really stands out to me is in a video that recently came to light whereby he talks about “grabbing women by the p****” and says that this is acceptable as “when you’re a star, they let you do it”.  He’s not denied this and freely accepts that this a view he still stands with. It’s crazy that this man has even been nominated. Yet … people still want to vote for him?

Trump is also racist; as if the list of things against him couldn’t get any worse!  It’s important not to use this term where it’s not appropriate but sadly for Trump, it is.  He urged documents to have the letter “C” printed within them in order to define which people are coloured and which are not, much like Hitler and the letter “J” being stamped in Jewish passports.  This leads on to the concept whereby Trump concerns Mexican immigrants as “rapists and criminals”, this man is in no way a role model.

It’s possible for me to continue for hours with my concerns about Trump, the reasons I wouldn’t vote him and the incredibly unfortunate event of him becoming president. Currently, I’m just hoping for the best and praying that a misogynistic, racist, corrupt, non knowledgeable, ludicrous candidate isn’t rewarded with the title of president.

Thanks for reading my view on Donald Trump and I encourage you to share it around.

All the love Jess x


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